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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 11, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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fire near the hollywood sign and panic spreads as fast as to the flames. >> that could be a really big disaster. >> wow! >> but, of course, it is hollywood. how some folks turned an emergency into a photo on. cops try to nail whoever is stealing american flags from a cemete cemetery. eventually they caught the thief. rescue at sea. operation to save a baby whale in a net. >> not like she will sit there like your puppy and let you cut
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it off. >> he loves han"hannah montana" body spray because it keeps it just enough. >> aren't you afraid he won't give you something? >> he can't give me something i don't already have and got rid of. >> this is an rtm exclusive. hollywood is burning and it's not because of a film. check out this brush fire shot by josh weber. >> there is a bush fire, son. >> take a look where this fire is. >> wow. >> there's the hollywood sign there, folks. >> it's half a mile away. >> it's a popular spot for people to look at the hollywood sign and take pictures. yes, there are a lot of very expensive homes nearby. >> this could be tragic. >> josh spends a lot of time checking out this fire and soon notices it's not just this little patch of fire here. >> this thing down here is on
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fire, too. >> wow! >> this thing is all going to go up in flames pretty soon. real soon. look at that. it's already roasting, son. >> people did more than just call the fire department. this one guy, he steps in. >> don't go down. you won't be able to stop it! >> he's throwing dirt on the fire. that could be a really big disaster if that gets out of control. >> could be. good thing it didn't get out of control. about 75 firefighters put this brush fire out in about a half hour. >> maybe somebody was smoking a cigarette or something. >> yeah. of course, it's still under investigation. a couple witnesses are claiming they saw somebody pitch a cigarette. back in 2007, there was another brush fire in the same neighborhood started by two teenagers and the proximity to highway 101. that gets shut down or the fire jumps the highway. it's mayhem. >> see that?
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he just dropped the water? of course, it is hollywood and what would it be without the quick photo-op. >> quick, man, because this whole side of the hill is going to go up. >> oh, no. 92 did he have to make that post? >> why that one? >> this is one of those videos that's really hard to watch because it involves a whale trapped out at sea. fortunately, this one does have a happy ending because the sea rescue boating and fishery patrol found the whale and proceeded to try to cut the net. it is tangled in. they try to keep sharks off beaches in australia. but when they start migration, they get caught in these nets. >> just because you call it a shark net. >> they are to protect humans, but humans know if they get in
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they risk getting attacked. >> am i noticing the whale cut up pretty bad from the net? >> the net was around his head and left pectoral fin. when they tried to free her, said she suffered superficial cuts but not enough to keep her from surviving. >> do they know the age of this? >> they said it was a baby whale. >> imagine the difficulty of trying to cut this off the whale. she's not going to sit there like your puppy to let you cut it off. >> no. the very first time they approach her to cut the net, she takes a dive. eventually they were able to get it off the whale. >> think of the turtles and everything else could get caught in that. that's the nature of a net. it catches what it catches. >> the good thing is, she can continue her journey. >> i want you guys to be the judge on a piece of video released back in june of 2011. this is in oklahoma.
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this is police arresting brian because of public intoxication, a charge he later pled guilty to. >> take him straight back to the jail. >> in this video, we're seeing a lapel camera from one of the officers. he is refusing to stand up in his handcuffs. >> are you ready to walk? get up and walk. >> the officer you hear, that's owasso police lieutenant, mike dent. they started going back to another area of the jail. watch what happens next. >> don't try to brutalize me. are you a terrorist? arabic? what? what? >> oh! >> you see there, three elbows right to the face. lieutenant detlin was fired because of excessive force in november of 2011. in march of this year, an arbitrator reinstated him.
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he has his job back with a written warning. >> if he had done that to the police, he'd be looking at an assault on the officer charge. what's thedifference? the guy did not loo like or anything for the officer. >> i don't say what he was doing was justified. to me, it didn't look that severe. >> the guy was already handcuffed. i think that was excessive force. he may have been running his mouth. but that in my opinion, did not warrant an elbow to the face. >> i agree. i don't think the should lose his job indefinitely for that. do you think this officer should have been reinstated? let us know on facebook. this happened in anaheim, where the orange county sheriff's office bomb squad exploded six grenades and other suspicious items. >> weird. >> they put in their mobile blast chamber. >> like rdd 2.
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>> they were called out to assist the orange county bomb squad. approximately 8:00 this morning they noticed what appeared to be a backpack with explosive devices in and around the backpack. >> that brings the question, what the heck was a grenade doing in a backpack in anaheim. >> they're still trying to determine that. at this point they say they don't have any suspects. >> it appears the person or persons that left this explosive item at this location had some type of knowledge in explosive devices. we safely detonated six live hand grenades, a fair amount of plastic powder, fuses, other devices. no one got hurt other than maybe an eardrum from the blast. other than that, everything went very smooth. >> the best part is we're seeing this video and not video of those grenades going off somewhere else. >> who had that stuff?
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blasting caps, six grenades in a backpack? >> scary. >> i'm glad they found it and detonated it and nobody was hurt. >> good job, bomb squad. how far will you go for your favorite treat? one snack maker put it to the test. >> did they put crack in these cookies? are they really that good? >> we have a two-fer for you, first, a watermelon smash to the head and video that will remind
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it's actually kind of creepy. of all the things to steal, who would take stuff from a graveyard? that's going on in hudson, new york, at the cedar park cemetery. what was being stolen, 35 american flags on the grave of civil war veterans. >> why? >> weird. right? the police looked at the hudson police department chief. >> typically, i think the
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assumption is juveniles, kids partying might be responsible for this type of incident. >> they replaced the flags stolen. the next night, 17 more american flags were stolen from the same graveyard. they ramped up their security in hudson, new york and installed little mounted cameras in the cemetery to see what was going down, who was behind this. eventually, they caught the crooks. >> if it was a raccoon, i will tell you i told you so. >> not a raccoon, a wood chuck. they looked back at their cameras and find this wood chuck, believed to be the thief. you see in that picture, he's like chewing up the american flag. >> believe the police chief owes every teenager an apology. >> right. >> there might be a female who's having babies and needs bedding. >> either that or a patriotic groundhog. we reached out to the hudson police department to see if we could get the video.
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they said they're not releasing it at this time because the wood chuck requested an attorney. i'm ser they saious they said t us. i did not make that up. there has been talk about longer sticks to keep the wood chucks away. how far will you go for your favorite treat. this is in australia and this is a challenge created by fantastic delights, a savory rice treat they like a lot over there. they put a kiosk in the middle of this busy area and said, if you push the button 100 times, you'll get a free boston delight. >> easy enough. >> that lady does it. no big deal. >> yeah! >> i've seen that in a casino a million times. >> goes up to 200 and 500 and people sit there and push away. >> people will do a lot of stuff
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for something for free. at her times? challenge. 5,000. >> get out of here. >> 5,000 times. >> your hand has to hurt after that. >> look at the guy over her shoulder about to creep on her free box of treats. >> people will push the button thousands of times. let's change it up a little bit. so now they have to do stuff. >> bow to the almighty one. >> and she did. >> they have to monitor this to make sure they're doing this. >> do they put crack in these cookies? are they that good? >> they have to be that good. >> somebody had to do disco dancing. she had moves. >> that kid can dance. >> what do you think our equivalent is?
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>> funions, i'd do it in a minute. >> a big bag of doritos. get down with that. >> this guy has been invaded by some stinging houseguests. >> how about houseguests in the form of 50,000 bees. >> see how they save the bees next time "right this minute." >> this guy uses "hannah montana" body spray to repel raccoon raccoons. we're talking to the kuhn lovco himself. >> how do you spray? >> it's not how you dd
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we've got some bonus videos already for you on our website. gayle, what have you got? >> sesame street has lots of parities. this is my favorite. cookie monster. >> ♪ >> this one, she called it "share it maybe." >> i wonder what she's referring to. >> we just met you and this is crazy, but you've got cookies, so share it maybe. >> i've got one with the l.a. beast. this time, he's trying to down a gallon of orange gatorade in two minutes. it's tough to watch. you have to go to the website to
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see if the completes the pass. heads to our website on >> an click on rtm. >> this is a video that i'd really love to know the conversation that led to this. that had to hurt. watermelons are like, what, 10 pounds? a 10 pound weight coming down on your head. >> what did you think, man? you let your friend smash a huge melon on your melon. >> you thought it was going to be like a plum? >> well, steven, i see your watermelon smash and i raise you one pair of pants on the ground. just look for the moon. >> oh, no. come on, man! where's your belt? the dude fell over. his pants fell down. >> his pants fell down and that
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made him fall over. >> what came first? his pants fell and he tripped or tripped because his pants were too low? >> right in front of the ambulance and got hurt. see how concerned they were. >> go on home. >> suspenders. >> yeah! f >> you remember this guy, right? this is the gentleman who used han "hannah montana" raccoon repellent. >> i've been catching a lot from my friends.
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>> he uploaded it ai why he lik raccoon repellent so much. >> i like "hannah montana." >> he is a big billy ray cyrus "achy breaky heart." >> i love it but he don't. and i use it like i said, number one, he doesn't bite me and number two, it makes me feel bold. >> makes him feel bold? >> that's the best part, yes. >> it makes me feel bold. >> then at the very end of the video, the raccoon got him on the nose. >> is it safe to spray the face? i don't know. >> i know you guys have a ton of questions, via skype from tennessee, we have mark brown via skype. how did you discover the "hannah
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montana" body spray worked as a repellent? >> my girlfriend just happened to have an na montana body spray on the table and i reached it out. >> why do you hang out with the raccoons in the first place? >> they hang out with me. i'm a likable person. >> have you ever thought of putting the raccoon down? >> that's a pretty good idea. i may try that in the future. >> why do you let them keep coming on your lap? >> he's been coming around since he was a little bitty fellow and sts sometimes he scratches on the door and let him in the house, has his way, i feed him, he bites me and brings blood and goes his way. >> raccoons are known to have diseases. aren't you afraid he may give you something? >> he can't give me nothing i don't already have and got rid of. >> before i go, i want to do one thing. >> yeah. >> see this right here? >> yeah. >> it used to feel like barbed
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wire. now, it's soft. "hannah montana" shampoo. >> oh, man! >> awesome. thank you so much. >> thanks, mark. >> y'all be particular. >> thank you! >> it's an awesome summer activity. looks like something acrobats use in the circus. >> yep. >> but it's the crazy
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friend, charles trippi. remember him? >> of course. >> he posted this and i know why. >> oh, my god. >> one way to teach a dog how to swim. >> let's see it again. marley was looking at a lizard in the backyard and they were getting into it. >> marley was trying to climb to the backyard and it didn't work and climbed up the steps and got out. >> i love the reactions. >> i can't believe i said that on camera. >> i don't know what's funnier, the owner laughing and saying she shouldn't be laughing or the dog trying desperately not to fall in the pool. >> i don't think that was marley's first dip. he made it to the edge and knew exactly where the steps were. >> i love how marley is desperately trying not to fall in. >> digging in, probably nail
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marks on the bricks from marley's clause. >> there's only one thing to do after achieving a great feet of strength. this guy is dead lifting 535 pounds. looks like he's an expert, knows what he's doing. no problem, hoist that weight up. how do you celebrate? whoa! >> he's passed out! >> my god. >> the information i've been able to gather, it could possible whiy be a sudden loss blood pressure to the head after you finish and makes you pass out and maybe not breathing properly. he said he got a sizable knot on the back of his head. >> he's lucky those weights don't fall on him. >> that would have been nastier. >> he's out cld and a friend comes to him quklyand looks at heck just happened? >> doesn't have a clue.
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>> he blacked out and she came over but he was completely d disoriented. >> i'm no doctor but this could be what's known as a vas sauve sal sink co-py. >> what does that mean? >> i think it's fainting. >> paging dr. fabian. paging dr. fabian. >> we've covered a lot of cool summer activities here on "right this minute." this one has to be on the top of our list. this is a swing, looks like something acrobats use in the circus. >> man, he's got the moves. >> i thought they were all going to go. that front guy did within 10 foot. >> he's the only one with a speedo on. really, the only one equipped to handle this kind of move. >> aerodynamics in his favor. >> they have what looks to be an awesome looking roller coaster
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in the background choosing to do this. >> it looks like this might be a theme or adventure park. looks like people are waiting in line to do that. >> the roller coaster can't cool you off. >> notice besides the speedo, he's also wearing socks. grip. no friction. >> to each his own, gayle. this guy wants to wear socks and speedo, let him. >> thanks for watching this edition of "right this minute." >> thanks for watching this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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